Learn about BubCap Home Button Covers

BubCap home button covers are rigid enough to deter toddlers from pressing the home button, yet flexible enough that adults can activate the home button with a firm press. It's a similar concept to many child-proof caps for medicine bottles.

BubCaps are not compatible with Touch ID, Apple's fingerprint identity sensor on the home button of newer iPhones and iPads.

Which BubCaps should I order?

We recommend starting with our Explorer 6-Pack, which includes two BubCap (regular), two BubCap Ultra, and two BubCap Max home button covers.

Due to subtle differences in the home buttons on different devices, please refer to these guidelines to help choose the right model(s) for your situation:

BubCap (regular) is our least rigid model, which is great for most toddlers using an iPhone or iPod touch. It doesn't provide significant resistance on an iPad.

BubCap Ultra is tougher to press through, and is best suited for toddlers on an iPad. Also works for older / stronger kids on an iPhone or iPod touch.

BubCap Max is the most difficult to press through, and is intended for older / stronger kids on an iPad. Even harder to activate on iPhone and iPod touch, even for adults.

BubCap Pro is our new aluminum home button cover recommended for heavy-duty button-blocking needs. Great for kiosks and dedicated educational iDevices.

Do I remove the BubCap when my child isn't using my device?

Most users enjoy the benefits of keeping BubCaps on all the time. It may take getting accustomed to, but if you regularly share your devices with your toddler (or are a teacher or therapist), the benefit of having 24-hour protection on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is often worth it.

One tip for activate is to use your thumb to press the home button, pinching your iDevice between your thumber and forefinger.

Do BubCaps contain Latex or PVC?

No, all BubCap models are free of Latex and PVC.

Anything else I should know before ordering?

1) BubCaps may not work with all skins and cases, or may require skin or case removal to install and remove. Contact us if you're uncertain.

2) While many people report good outcomes using a BubCap over a screen protector, the results can be unpredictable; do so at your own risk.

Find out more on our Support page, and see our tips for preparing iDevices for toddlers.

Learn how BubCaps are also used for business as well as education & special needs.


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